About me

I attended my first Yoga class in 2002 while living in the US.

Lots has changed since then. In my life, my practice and my teaching.

That’s, in my personal experience, the most valuable difference between Yoga and common workouts, which unfortunately Yoga i soften „sold“ as these days by the still growing Yoga-industry:

Yoga changes and develops constantly. I haven’t met a single practitioner during all that time whose practice hasn’t changed over the years.

Life is change and Yoga provides us with a holistic system which allows us to adapt to whatever challenges are presented to us.

Much more a „work-in“ than a workout.

That’s why it became part of my life.



Yoga teacher DYL, 720hrs

Yin Yoga TT, 80hrs

„ThaiVedic Bodywork“, 50hrs

„ThaiVedic Yoga-Therapist“, 200hrs


Thanks to all my teachers I had the pleasure to learn from over the years:

Kenn Chambers, Claudia Fernando, Team Mandala, Eberhard Bärr, Roselyn Colin, Beate Cuson, Doris Echlin, Helga Pfretschner, R. Sriram, Sebastian Pucelle and Murielle Burellier, Barbra Noh, Kimmana Nichols, Sebastian Bruno, Arno L’Hermitte, Shy Sayar, Veronika Freitag …